Onecredible – improving your ecommerce

Onecredible – improving your ecommerce


onecredible by @createIT – improving your ecommerce.

The minds at createIT introduce onecredible – the latest original brand entering the ecommerce market that changes the approach to supply chains.

onecredible is an advanced blockchain technology embedded within a very friendly and logical mobile application which is adjusted in terms of UI and functionalities to the needs of manufacturers, subcontractors, logistics companies and, of course, end-users. Most probably, onecredible is one of few apps that actively participates in the decision-making process that takes place on the Customer’s side.

What is onecredible?

onecredible is an e-service for verifying the credibility of supply chains using blockchain technology for marketing purposes. The service makes it possible to track the “life” of a product at every stage – from its creation, through shipment and placement at a store, to the eventual purchase by the consumer. The innovative solution has a significant impact on improving the quality of services and products, facilitating the communication between various networks, accelerating producer and consumer reactions and improving manufacturer credibility. It makes it easier to identify the true origin of products, and it makes brands, sectors and sometimes entire economies more competitive. Thanks to onecredible, brands can highlight the uniqueness and quality of their products while making sure they come from authentic sources in accordance with their company’s values.

How it looks in practice – onecredible step by step:

  1. onecredible adaptation

Before implementing onecredible in your company, we need to better understand the processes and systems of your business. Only this way will we be able to adapt onecredible to your needs.

  1. Product history logging

Thanks to the onecredible app, milestone steps in the process of building your product history will be gathered in one place. Each of your business partners will be able to enter information about the next stage, but no one will be able to change the historical information.

  1. Product data storage in a secure database

The whole story will be built and saved right in front of your eyes in a secure database step by step. We use blockchain to secure all product history information. Additionally, we verify each new entry in the product history and add only those to the database that pass the positive verification of the blockchain network.

  1. Data control by QR scans

From the first recorded step, by scanning a QRCode dedicated to a particular batch of products, you and your customers will be able to track the origin of your product.

  1. Product credibility confirmation

onecredible will ensure incredible experiences for you and your customers. Benefit from building credibility not only for you and your products, but also for your trusted resellers.

Who is it for?

The possibilities provided by onecredible are of key importance to service, premium products and luxury products sectors. Onecredible will be particularly beneficial to owners of e-commerce platforms, food and luxury goods manufacturers as well as those that produce ecological products, promoting sustainable development. Manufacturers whose marketing activities highlight human or animal rights will also benefit as the service makes it possible to track the origin of materials used in the production process. The service benefits end-users who make decisions on premium and luxury goods’ purchases basing on the verification of quality and product parameters.

What are the effects?

onecredible ensures a competitive edge against other companies. It helps build the perception of a company as a credible and reliable supplier or manufacturer, increasing customer trust in a brand and satisfaction from the provided services. It breathes new life into an existing brand.

onecredible as the go-to solution

In blockchain, the encryption combined with the irreversible nature of the information blocks translate into increased security. createIT continues to further develop and implement this innovative technology in its solutions as the interest and demand, particularly in the USA and western Europe, continue to grow. Onecredible has been created as a response to those needs.

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