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IT in Poland is growing year by year. The big players in the IT industry and technology, such as Google, Microsoft, HP, IBM established their subsidiaries in Poland a long time ago. More and more companies from Western Europe, the USA or Austrialia outsource their IT processes and projects to Polish developers. What attracts them in Poland?


Polish developers occupy top places in worldwide rankings. According to TopCoder[1], Poland is is ranked as the 4th country with the best developers. HackerRank, a popular platform, which scores and ranks engineers based on their coding skills, placed Poland in 3rd place[2] in terms of the best developers and in second place[3] in terms of countries which can expand engineering teams. It is worth noting that Poland still belongs to the minority of countries which provide local IT labor and not employ and import IT foreign employees.


Regardless the size, all companies seek to minimize their costs. This was the reason why companies started outstaffing their IT departments in the first place. For the same reason companies from all over the world started offshoring  their IT processes to Poland in particular. In Poland the costs of labor are relatively low. According to research presented at[4], Polish IT specialists earn about 20 thousand euros a year, which ranks them at the bottom of this race. Programmers from countries like Finland, the Netherlands or England earn nearly twice as much… It becomes especially important in comparison to excellent skills of Polish programmers. The code quality to price ratio is one of the best in the world.


Poland may be considered one of the most comfortable  outsoursing partners, also in terms of geography. Its strategic location in central Europe gives you the opportunity to meet off-shored developers in person. The flights within Europe are cheap and the time difference is nearly none. Between America (UTC -4h) and Poland (UTC +2h)  the time difference is already significant but still it is better than in Asia, and appropriate work shifts can be still easily setup.


The key terms which describe Polish developers are: competence, experience and knowledge. Strong academic education, knowledge of many technologies and programming languages, as well as unconventional approach to project implementation, make Polish developers highly appreciated both in Poland and in the world. Poland is developing at lightning speed. Programmers are as educated and experienced as those from Western countries and the quality of their work is at an incredibly high level.


Employers are well aware that working with foreigners in IT has its pros and cons. One of the great advantages about outsourcing to Poland is that there is practically no cultural gap between Poland and Western countries, especilly when compared to Asia. Employees from e.g. India can be great for testing applications, writing simple codes or in customer service. However, when it comes to creative approach to design, there can usually be a problem. Creativity, bird’s eye view of a system’s architecture, project management are nearly ‘missions impossibile’ in case of Asia, which is not the case in Poland.

Polish programmers have also a very good command of English.  Poland is at 10th place in the EF EPI [5]ranking (English is tought in Poland even in kindergartens).

The list of  good reasons to outsource to Polish software houses is long. Great business flexibility, good technical skills, talented  young and mid-aged developers or excellent communication skills are just some of them. Try it for yourselves and test at no charge at

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