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Lightning Network And Layers Of Money


According to surveys conducted by ING, nearly 99 million people in Europe, America, and Australia alone intend to own Bitcoin in the future. Entities outside of the crypto currency world have started to adopt the underlying Blockchain technology and many retail/service establishments like Starbucks Coffee and several high-profile financial institutions want to incorporate crypto currency […]

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Half Of The Remaining BTC Has Been Spoken For

Bitcoin has been growing and becoming more widely accepted in the recent years. The digital currency has reached several highs since its launch, and with every high, it has attracted more people. Increasing awareness of crypto currencies has led to more interest and investment, so it is no surprise that experts in this industry are […]

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Bitcoin and Energy Consumption


9 years after the network launch, Bitcoin is a tried and tested system that has proven to be secure and the only blockchain so far to deliver on the promises of its white paper. Over the years, the peer-to-peer network of fully validating nodes and miners grew so large that no single central agency can […]

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Ways To Participate In The Bitcoin Network Without an Internet Connection

Bitcoin Network Without an Internet Connection

Bitcoin has taken the world by storm and introduced new possibilities into the financial market. While it has been around for some years, this digital currency platform and others like it are still new. They are still a developing technology that most people don’t know much about. That’s why it’s not surprising that many ask […]

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Blockchain Open Timestamps

Bitcoin Open Timestamps

 Most people are aware of Bitcoin and similar digital currencies by now. But few realize just why many financial experts and governments are excited about this technology. Digital money is just scratching the surface because underneath it is a very valuable development in the form of blockchain. Bitcoin transactions aren’t just exchanges of money, they […]

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