The art of monetizing data on users

The art of monetizing data on users


Data Management Platform – the art of monetizing data on users

Is it enough to be in possession of information on users in order to effectively conduct marketing campaigns? The answer is simple – no, it isn’t. It is one thing to have the data, but to analyze it and translate it into real marketing campaign assumptions is another.

Managing digital campaigns and customer information gets increasingly more difficult with the growth of any business. As new opportunities are revealed and more customers get involved in our business, having the right tools to effectively manage everything is necessary. What if there was just one such tool?

The support for all marketers arrives in the form of advanced DMP software that aggregates and processes data on users, which can then become a starting point for targeting further marketing activities for a company. By analyzing Customer behavior on our website, as well as their general habits on the internet, it is easier to determine what Customers are actually looking for and what type of ad will work best. For example, it is highly possible that people looking for swimsuits during summer are planning a holiday in warm countries. This might be a suggestion for travel agencies to show their offer to persons that have been recently browsing sites with such products. It is an obvious conclusion, but these “logical” associations are the result of huge amounts of data flowing through DMP platforms.

Improve and expand your digital campaigns with the DMP

Below we are showing just some of the benefits that will take your digital marketing to a completely new level of awareness:

  1. The entire database in one place.

DMP is not limited only to data on users accumulated only on the site itself. DMP collects information from mobile applications, the websites of business partners, etc. All you have to do is to implement pixels. The rest is conducted automatically thanks to the powerful DMP engine. You can gather information on user activity through events and attributes. DMP makes it possible to collect as much data as needed to achieve business goals.

  1. Clearly determined target groups

Thanks to DMP, you can easily describe your target groups using behavioral and demographic qualities, such as age, gender, income, education or location. When using groups of recipients, you do not focus on websites where ads are displayed, but on people that will finally notice your marketing messages.

  1. Monetizing Customer behavior patterns

DMP allows for the creation of certain behavior patterns and unique observations regarding users, covering demographic information and interests. According to a study by Yahoo, 54% of customers believe that personalized ads are more engaging. A study by McKinsey shows that ads that are adjusted to customer needs can significantly increase ROI – by as much as 8 times, and they can increase sales by at least 10%.

DMP+DSP= an effective campaign

Being a partner of leading adtech companies (DSP), the OnAudience DMP is integrated with global DSPs, so you can target your audiences using the platform of your choice.

If you wish to better understand your customers, a DMP platform will certainly help you with this, and our specialists will help you implement and monetize it correctly.

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