We’ve moved the IT industry and planted 100 trees in Poland 

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We’ve moved the IT industry and planted 100 trees in Poland 


moveIT was a challenge set by us for us, as well as other software houses. It is a well-known fact that joint entertainment brings people together best, but in this installment, it also has its other, more significant, advantages. In this case, for every 100 kilometers that fall into moveIT’s account, one tree will be planted in Poland.

Healthy body, healthy mind

Our moveIT challenge encourages people to move – biking, boarding, rollerblading, running or walking – it all counts, and every kilometer brings us closer to the next tree planted. What’s most interesting in all this is the element of competition that naturally arises between teams. Some choose to rack up the miles alone, while others come together in groups, after all, with one goal in mind.

The spirit of the brand

We want the character of our company and its values to manifest themselves in these activities. Thanks to such activities we can show what kind of company we are and what is important to us, this again translates to what kind of potential Employees, Customers or Partners want to work with us. If our values overlap – we already have an anchor point, which is a great foundation for building relationships.

Great new partnerships

To organize the challenge efficiently, we joined forces with Activy – an app that motivates people to move. And with, who have committed to planting trees. An amazing adventure that had its finish during our Masurian integration, where prizes for the first three places were given and consolation prizes were given to every participant. Ready for another one?

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