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Incompatible with Plugins

With the thousands of plugins that are available, one or more plugins have a chance to conflict with Ultimate GDPR. We’re doing our best to integrate plugins user’s are using that are in conflict with Ultimate GDPR.

To know which plugin is causing the conflict, follow this instructions:

Check for Plugin Conflicts

  • Disable all the plugins except for Ultimate GDPR. Check if the issue is there, if not proceed with these instruction.
  • Activate plugins one at a time. After activating a plugin, check if the issue is there.
  • If the issue is not there, deactivate the plugin again and activate another plugin. Repeat this process until the issue is recreated.
  • If the issue is there, then this issue is due to this plugin.
  • Check the plugin’s settings if there is a setting that is making the conflict with Ultimate GDPR.

For premium plugin integration, share test access to website with the mentioned plugin for faster integration.

You can also manually integrate plugins by following these instructions.