Too many markers in your OXID e-shop?

A must have plugin if you have multiple shop locations!

OXID Shop Locator by createIT allows you to show all your markers in one list,
with convenient map preview as well as search and filtering options
to easier find the closest store location.


Fully customizable map

Have full control of you map with Shop Locator. You can change most components to fit your needs.

Live search

Get a list of markers close to you sorted by closest distance. Searching for markers has never been so easy!

13 unique styles

Shop Locator comes with a preset of 13 beautiful and responsive styles. Blend the map with your OXID eShop

select list pagination map

The plugin

See it in action


Make your markers feel personal

Shop Locator Plugin gives you full control of your markers. Change icon, animation, position...

You can easily extend it with custom styles. Even the map appearance can be customized with new styles!

You can set multiple markers with a JSON file. Each location will load a different JSON file.
Find new map styles in

Show your shops

Shop Locator Plugin display all yours locations in one list. Perfect for finding shops, branches companies and more. Everything sorted by nearest location.

You can set the item limit per page and the search radius for you results.



Beautiful skins included