We have adopted the FireFox …

There are less than 10,000 red pandas left in the world due to illegal hunting. They are waiting for our help and at createIT we decided to contribute to their protection. Did you know that a popular nickname for the red panda is FireFox..? We simply love it!


Together with Activy, we created an internal challenge for cyclists, motivating our employees to choose a bicycle instead of a car for their daily commute to work.

The goal of the bicycle challenge was to reach a total of 10,000 km on bicycles to adopt the red panda at the Warsaw Zoo. Our employees actively participated in the challenge, struggling with such a large number of kilometers!

In only 2 months our team rode more than 10,000 km.  We achieved our goal of adopting the red panda. From now on the ‘Pabu Panda’ at the Warsaw Zoo is under the close care of createIT!

The bigger goal of our bike activity was to #CreateABetterWorld, or rather introduce the foundations of the company CSR. Within our corporate social responsibility actions we would like to focus on the ecology issues. We have not been very eco-oriented so far, and it is high time to change it.

We started with creating the internal environment-friendly company regulations. Our plan is to convert all cleaning products and interior fragrances to the ecological ones, change our habits by choosing less plastic, introduce the waste sorting, have as many plants as possible in the office, and more. Still a lot of work ahead of us though.

Let’s make the first step towards the ecology, and let’s #CreateABetterWorld.

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