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    The basic value of our everyday work is the respect for every person. Each of us is unique, which is why we focus on noticing and respecting the diversity of our coworkers, business partners, as well as those that receive our services. We believe the actions that are in accordance with our Diversity Policy contribute to building the enduring value of our company. We create a friendly workplace by respecting diversity.

    Everyone that cooperates with createIT is obliged to follow the Diversity Policy. In accordance with the policy, we promote behavior that respects and appreciates the diversity of all our coworkers, business partners as well as those that receive our services at every step of our activity.

    At createIT, we pursue the creation of a workplace that supports the uniqueness of employees while building teams that – thanks to being diverse – can effectively answer the needs of Clients and those that receive our services. We support diversity by:

    • using transparent recruitment criteria – when selecting candidates, we follow the equal chances principle and allow every interested person to take part in the recruitment process. The key factor during candidate selection is the relevance of competencies for the selected position;
    • caring for a diverse management team – the adaptation of qualifications and experience to responsibilities is the deciding factor when selecting persons for management positions;
    • building diverse teams – we make sure that our business is open to employees with various experiences and observations, focusing on a culture of open communication and constructive feedback;
    • applying the principle of equal chances – every employee has equal access to trainings, promotion, benefits and remuneration. We evaluate and promote our employees taking into consideration only their competencies, results and work engagement;
    • creating a friendly atmosphere at work – among our employees, we promote behavior that respects diversity and the acceptance of individual preferences;
    • supporting hobbies – we support sports sections and other hobby groups created within the company;
    • protection against unjustified dismissal; active actions against discrimination and mobbing based on good practices implemented in the company and focusing on mobbing prevention through training that increases awareness and knowledge on the subject, dedicated especially to the management-level staff.

    At createIT, the HR department and the company’s management oversee the compliance of rules presented in the Diversity Policy and form the Diversity Committee. The Committee meets once a quarter to verify the goals and monitor ongoing activities.