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    • Self-managing team
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    Self-managing team
our specialists in your team

    Self-managing team – allows for the delegation of the entire project management process outside your organizational structures. We create a complete team for you, considering all the necessary units for its proper implementation, including a project manager who coordinates and ties together all activities. Outsourcing entire teams with managerial strength not only saves the time required for day-to-day management but also accelerates the start of development.

    Outsourcing mobile team

    Outsource full-stack software developers

    A team in software development consists of individuals with diverse skills collaborating to complete software projects from initiation to completion. Each team member typically fulfills a distinct role, and these teams may encompass software developers, DevOps engineers, QA specialists, UX designers, project managers, and other experts as needed.

    These development teams function smoothly with different degrees of managerial engagement. We collaborate closely with you to evaluate your needs, form your team, and facilitate their swift and seamless integration into your organization.

    Outsourcing mobile

    Talent on demand
our specialists in your team

    Talent on demand” involves enhancing your current team by bringing in skilled individuals through createIT. This may range from 1,2,3 specialists contributing to 1,2,3 distinct teams to a lone developer possessing specialized expertise.

    By opting for “talent on demand”, you can alleviate the burdens related to talent acquisition, recruitment, training, and talent retention. This approach facilitates the achievement of both immediate and long-term technological objectives, providing increased adaptability and immediate entry to a pool of highly qualified experts

    Outsourcing mobile
    Outsourcing's distinguishing factors Talent on demand Full-stack team Self-managing team
    Outsourcing scale Scale your team
    Outsourcing access Access to the best specialists
    outsourcing filling Filling in the experience gap
    Outsourcing onboarding Onboarding specialists (of your team)
    Outsourcing team A self-managing team
    Outsourcing experience Experienced team from the start
    Outsourcing minimum Minimum involvement from you
    Outsourcing reduced Reduced management time
    Outsourcing swift Swift change response and task distribution.
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    Our web / software outsourcing developers are working with the following technologies:

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    in practice

    Freedom United

    We created a WordPress platform supporting the international traffic of more than 6 million users who follow the Walk Free Foundation. We outsourced 2 of our developers, and created a design based on WP as well as custom code.
    Solution: WordPress, custom code

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    cgrd GMBH

    We outsourced several of our best specialists who designed and developed a custom, modern eCommerce platform with multiple functionalities based on the OXID framework and prepared for wholesale and foreign trade.
    Solution: OXID

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    Work System

    We provided outsourcing services that included the outsourcing of 3 back-end specialists who developed the entire system for our client. The company provides high quality van racking, van underfloors and valuable accessories.
    Solution: custom code

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    Our group of 9 outsourced developers was responsible for the design and development of state of the art online entertainment platforms with an international outreach, providing many different types of high quality games.
    Solution: Symfony, Angular, Websockets

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    freedomunited screenshot
    cgrd screenshot
    worksystem screenshot
    lionline screenshot
    reliability and credibility
    inevitable change

    Do you also face these challenges in your business?

    Reliability and credibility

    Outsourcing profile of our developers is not their CV. It’s a document conducted by our Head of Delivery after watching them closely for a couple of internal projects. Only that way we are able to check their actual abilities and characteristics as a developer. Next, it will be up to you to check our devs during a 7-step matching process and trial period. After this time, you will be asked to make the decision whether you would like to cooperate.

    Inevitable change

    Good specialists are hard to replace but by combining project management services and outsourcing services, there are always people in our teams who can jump in when a team needs to be quickly augmented. Or when the technical scope of a project requires different skills from the ones originally set, or simply a different personality is needed.


    The highest quality of our work is secured by one common feature that we have – createITzation. Which means that in addition to experience, when you outsource web development services from createIT, you get colourful and committed personalities from us, all sharing the same values.


    It's simple - when the inevitable happens, for instance, rotation, we will double the developer. During his notice period, another developer will also appear in the team and work on the same project in the same way so that, when the time comes, the new developer is already fully commited to the project. Hey, it's free!


    We have a business eclectic nature, every day we combine and translate the language of developers, designers, marketers and business in our work. You can be sure that we’ll get along just fine