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    The IT industry is building efficient eCommerce ecosystems and supporting the natural environment. createIT, together with its employees, moved IT, and along with, planted the first trees in Polish forests.

    The goal of the monthly moveIT challenge was to “move” the createIT team while simultaneously supporting the surrounding ecosystems. Driving sports competition among themselves, participants fought to achieve a common goal set before them – planting 100 trees! The moveIT campaign was a response to the needs of createIT teams who are very active and enjoy sports competition. Challenge participants could choose one of two ways to accumulate kilometers – by wheels or on foot. Each covered kilometer was converted into points. Thanks to additional multipliers, we managed to maintain a “balance” between kilometers cycled and run, and additional point bonuses motivated participants to engage in regular physical activity. The createIT team collectively covered over 7200 km, resulting in over 10,000 points and 100 new trees in Polish forests.

    The idea of planting trees and building both efficient virtual ecosystems and real ones is also evident in other company activities. createIT wants to support the planet simultaneously with business activities.

    “We have one of the most important events in the IT industry ahead of us – the international eCommerce Expo Asia trade fair. During the event, we want to invite participants to jointly explore the best paths for their businesses in the eCommerce jungle, but we will also give them the opportunity to plant their own trees! Each business meeting at our booth (V26) will be the beginning of building a real ecosystem. People who leave their business cards after the meeting will also plant their own tree in Europe.” – adds Monika Regulska, Head of Marketing at createIT

    Women’s Day in IT – an idea that increased follower engagement by 150% in 4 days.

    For a long time, marketing actions have been evaluated based on their outcomes; even smaller initiatives carried out “incidentally” during strategic campaigns must be both effective and impressive. Confirming this approach is the initiative undertaken by createIT as part of Women’s Day.

    In planning this year’s activities for their female clients, the company opted for an action that straddled the line between a brand campaign and CSR, building on their previous efforts. Promoting the slogan “Your strength now powers not only projects but also the environment,” the company gifted its female clients something enduring. Instead of traditional flowers, createIT’s clients received… trees. Each of them received a personalized certificate confirming the purchase of a tree.

    Through, createIT has planted over 200m2 of trees, contributing to the most needy areas of our country. The action brought the company:

    • A growth of over 150% in the dynamics of new follower growth in the last 4 days,
    • 5% to 15% increased traffic across social media channels (depending on the platform),
    • 100% positive feedback from the recipients.

    createIT once again demonstrates that in building a brand image in the B2B sector, small actions and creativity are also essential.