We have adopted the FireFox …

There are less than 10,000 red pandas left in the world due to illegal hunting. They are waiting for our help and at createIT we decided to contribute to their protection. Did you know that a popular nickname for the red panda is Firefox..? We simply love it! Together with Activy, we created an internal […]

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createIT Recognized as a Top Website Design Company on DesignRush

design rush logo

createIT Recognized as a Top Website Design Company on DesignRush. We are recognized as a Top Website Design Company on DesignRush. is your guide to finding the best professional agencies, categorized by their areas of expertise. Find top full-service agencies, web design companies, digital marketing firms & top technology companies. Want help with your web design development project? After checking out our […]

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What Do I Need To Do To Make My WordPress Website CCPA Compliant?

CCPA stands for California Consumer Protection Act. It is a data privacy and protection act that follows in the footsteps of EU’s General Data Protection Act that was implemented in May, 2018. The purpose of both of these regulations is the same. They’re designed to protect consumers and their personal information. All businesses collect data […]

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The first high penalty for GDPR violation

gdpr caution

The French regulator imposed 50 milion euro penalty on Google for GDPR violation. It’ the first high penalty for GDPR violation. On January 21st, 2019, the National Commission for Informatics and Liberties pronounced a sanction of 50 million euros against the GOOGLE LLC for lack of transparency, unsatisfactory information and lack of valid consent for […]

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WordPress 4.9.6+ GDPR Compliance Review

wordpress vs gdpr

Since version 4.9.6 WordPress includes 4 new tools for GDPR compliance. These are the result of WordPress developers’ effort to become GDPR compliant. Many of our clients have asked whether they need anything more than the GDPR features provided by WordPress. We decided to check to what extent these changes covering the GDPR requirements. Below you […]

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All You Need to Know About CCPA


If you know how the internet works, you know that every website you visit collects personal data. This data helps them provide superior services, ensures you get a personalized experience. However, this means your personal data is stored in that company’s servers and can be utilized at any time. There are few rules that protect […]

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Time to Switch To The Ultimate GDPR Compliance Toolkit for WordPress

Everyone that has a website is aware that they now need to be GDPR compliant. There are plenty of free plugins advertised as complete GDPR compliance solution which you can use to make the entire process easier. However you must be aware that some of them can do more harm that good. Users of free […]

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Lightning Network And Layers Of Money


According to surveys conducted by ING, nearly 99 million people in Europe, America, and Australia alone intend to own Bitcoin in the future. Entities outside of the crypto currency world have started to adopt the underlying Blockchain technology and many retail/service establishments like Starbucks Coffee and several high-profile financial institutions want to incorporate crypto currency […]

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Half Of The Remaining BTC Has Been Spoken For

Bitcoin has been growing and becoming more widely accepted in the recent years. The digital currency has reached several highs since its launch, and with every high, it has attracted more people. Increasing awareness of crypto currencies has led to more interest and investment, so it is no surprise that experts in this industry are […]

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