From the createIT team we assign an in-house developer(s) most suitable for your project. The developer(s) work exclusively for you.

The outsourced developers physically  sit  in  our  office,  we  take care of all HR-related   matters as well as replacements cases if needed. They are continuously supported   by our senior developers of the corresponding technologies. This helps avoiding downtimes and ensures constant progress of the outsourced developers’ skills.

You manage, assign and acknowledge the tasks yourself, with daily progress reports.
PHP (Symfony, WordPress), JavaScript (AngularJS, jQuery, React JS, Vue JS), HTML5, CSS3, OXID, Drupal, BootStrap, PhoneGap, iOS, Android, LESS.

Note also that createIT teams are divided by technologies they use and are overseen by senior devs of the given technologies.  This approach enables the controlling of code quality, solving technical problems together and sharing ideas on solutions. This all results in higher efficiency and faster progress.
Whatever tools our client uses. Our developer should adapt to your needs, not the other way round, just as any other new employee you'd hire to your office. For our internal processes at createIT, we use:

- the Active Collab for project management

- Gitlab for code management, versioning and reviews

- phpStorm as a standard IDE for our developers

However, you free to choose any other which is more comfortable for you.
The outsourced  employee is ‘client’s employee’ and whatever he produces, belongs to our client. Just like work of any other employee you have in your office.
Unfortunately this  might  happen even though the rotation in createIT is not huge.

We  as  createIT,  when we sign a outsourcing contract, we give you a guarantee  that  you  will  have  workforce  matching  your  needs available for you. This means, that if we loose a developer during our contract time, createIT will:

-  Go through all the rest of our employees and select the one who is closest in terms of experience and skills to the one who left his position. Then we follow  a normal "screening procedure" with our client, for that selected developer(s)

-  If  there is no similar developer(s) in createIT, or if for any  reason  the  selected  ones didn't meet client's expectations, we start  a  recruitment  for  that  position.  This  process is done transparently  - the client is welcomed to participate in the interviews process, or just to wait for our suggestions for further screening procedure

What is important is that:

- All employees who we assign to the outsourcing services, have previously been ‘used’ for internal createIT projects  meaning we know how our developers work and who we offer to our clients.

- If the developer is new in our team anyway for at least 3 months we will ‘use’ him in internal projects before we dedicate him for ousourcing project

As  a  company, we have also implemented few mechanisms to prevent any unforeseen staff rotation:

-  we  are  always  close  to the developers and we always monitor their  level  of  satisfaction for what they are involved in. This   helps  us  select potential problematic areas and counteract Ahead of time.

-  most  of  our  developers  are  contracted with 3 months notice period.  This  means,  that  if  a  developer quits in January, he effectively  leaves  the company in April. This gives us some time to keep the operations flowing
Yes.   Even   though  we  believe  having a developer half-time is less efficient  in  terms  of  his performance. If you prefer to work that way - we are fine with this.
If you  do not get along with your outsourced developers, you get in touch with us in this aspect.  We investigate on our   end   what the issue might be. We do the talk with a developer and    then  you,  trying to name the problem and find a common ground to  solve it.

If nothing helped and there still are issues,  exchanging  a  developer to another one is always an option. It is  never  preferred, as it takes time to find a new person and to get  that new person introduced, but this is always possible.
Our  philosophy  is, that we respect all laws of our employees and we  do  not  force  them  to  work  during Polish public holidays. However,  we  tend to bonus our developers whenever they choose on their own to come to work then, and sometimes some of them do.
In fact feel free to use the very same controlling methods as you have in your company.

We usually oblige our developers to have the Skype account available at all times. Also it is easy to monitor if the work is progressing via our project flow system Active Collab (status of the tasks is updated: e.g. in progress, you can follow the time spent by the dev on your task etc.)

We  can  see  some of our clients organize meetings (calls) at the beginning   and  at the end of the day, to see the progress. And also using, mentioned above the  ticketing  systems to see the detailed work progress combined  with skype or slack for instant communication.
Currently we have 26 developers outsourced.

90% of our clients extend their outsourcing contracts.
In-house team - Open communication of our in-house team enables a flawless exchange of ideas & best-practices. All under close supervision which results in high accuracy of our processes.

Continuous support of the outsourced dev - All our developers are continuously supported by in-house senior developers of the corresponding technologies. This ensures contast development of the developers, faster project progress, and downtime minimization.

Multilingual team - We are fluent in English, French, Arabic, Russian and Polish. You can freely communicate with our managers or hired developers.

Test drive  - Benefit from a WEEK-LONG test drive (environment setup included) with no further obligations.

Flexible terms - We adapt to our clients’ needs. You decide on the contract type & length, or notice period length: - from a month to several years, - part-time or full-time employment.

No recruitment process - Expand your company's technology base without the need of conducting a tedious recruitment process.

Quality Code - Get the highest quality of created software ensured by our senior developers. They offer continuous support to junior & mid devs.

Proactivity - We constantly analyze your project and suggest solutions to improve function or business efficiency of your project.

Suitable timezones - We work in timezones adapted to the client's needs, whether from Europe, America or Australia.

Plus general outsourcing benefits:

HR stability - Avoid employee absence or resignation. We deal with the stability of your HR resources.

Cost optimization - Pay only for completed working hours and not the constant maintenance of your IT team. Quickly adjust the number of outsourced developers to ensure cost effectiveness.
We  operate in Warsaw time, which is GMT+1 (the same as Berlin and most of the Europe). Our  standard  office  hours  are  10  AM - 6 PM, i.e. most of our developers  come to work couple of minutes before 10 and leave the office couple of minutes after 6.

Nevertheless,  as  we  work  with  clients all around the world in different time zones, we are quite used to adjusting working hours of  our developers to fit the client particular requirements. This is   always  a  matter  of  discussion.

Also,  some  of our developers and clients prefer to work in a 8+1 model,  meaning  8 hours of work and 1 hour of unpaid lunch break. Again,  it is a matter of discussion and individual preferences of particular developer and client.
Standard working environment of createIT  developers is:

-  desktop  PC,  usually  not older than 6-8 months. Equipped with intel  i7 processor, not less than 12GB RAM, 1 SSD drive + another HDD  for  storage.  Two  24"  Dell IPS screens. Our policy is that developers  can  always come to us for any hardware update if they need  it - and we just get them whatever they need, so often their working  stations  are  a  bit  customized.

-  software:  usually  the  PC  is  equipped  with  Windows or (at developer's  discretion)  Linux,  rarely Mac OS. CreateIT provides    licences  for it, as well as PHPStorm editor and Skype. We have no objections  to  install  any other software, but should you need a non-popular,  specialized  software to be installed on developer's  computer, we might ask you to cover the costs of licences.

- Office       environment       could       be      seen      here:   -   it  is  a  house  located   in   residential  area  (yes, that's popular in Poland!) at  the  riverside.  It  is  5 minutes by car from the strict city centre,   however   our   neighborhood   is  very quiet and green.
-  The code is stored  at  client’s location (code repos, test or production servers  etc).  It is as safe, as the client makes it - we do not interfere in code storage at client’s location.

-  As far as the code stored at developer's computer is concerned, then the security is on 3  levels:

level  A:  developers  do not take the code home or download it to  anywhere  else,  than  the  office PC, unless told otherwise. This  helps control where the code is.

level   B:   our internal office network is cable-based with  proper  firewalls,  network segmentation and other security measures being in place. (WiFi is not used for  work).

level   C:   the   building   is   physically   covered  with CCTV    (inside  and  outside  of  the  building)  and  an advanced  alarm system    connected   directly   to  security  team,  as  well  as  management's smartphones - if an alarm is raised, couple of people are notified instantly.  Each  employee  has  his  own  alarm code  and they are all aware that the codes are personalized.
Yes,  you are offered 7-day free trial period.  This way, you take your time to get to know your developer at no charge. If you do not get well, after 7 days we will change your programmer to a new one.

You get the week-long test drive with no further obligations. Should you not be interested in further cooperation, it would not be negotiable.

Please note, the 7-day period includes the time to setup the developer’s working environment in order to adapt to your tools and network.
We adapt to your needs. We offer: long-term or  short-term agreements, short and long notice periods, whatever works best for you.  

You can outsource on flexible, comfortable terms which guarantee IT cost decrease. That  depends  entirely  on  you.

However, the  shortest  we sign for is 3  months,  as  we believe that only during such time developer has a chance  to  get to his full speed, know all the members of your  team  and  understand nuances of working with you.

We usually sign 1 year contracts, but longer ones are also good for everyone - as  this is the best way to get a price guarantee and to keep your new employee with you longterm.
All  developers  that  work  for  us  are with us, in-house in our office  in Warsaw and this is a "default state"

Once a developer is delegated to work with you, you are the one to set up  rules  so you can pick whatever works best for you.
createIT  is a fully fledged software house, being on the market  for  15  years  now,  with  clients  from all around the world. We specialize  in  PHP and did virtually any kind of projects for our clients  -  from simple websites, through complex b2b platforms to large, EU-funded portals.

All these got us enough experience to be able to handle nearly any kind  of  web-based  project,  for a private people, through corporate  companies  to  government-related entities.

We will be more than  happy  to  share  this  experience and know-how with our clients  -  we see this as an added value to that service.

We will  also be more than happy to talk to you about the development processes,  their cons and pros, about efficient project management, right network setup etc.
You  are always welcomed to visit us in Warsaw, spend  some  time in our office, share thoughts with your developers and company owners, and use some quality time out in Warsaw.

If you'd like your developer to visit you - that's also an option, but  this  shall always be discussed individually. createIT, as an  employer  is  obliged  to  get extra insurance for a developer, as well    as   paying  him allowance for the time he is abroad. Also travel and hotels should be managed - sometimes all this just gets   a bit pricey, but it's definitely possible.

It is also possible to have a Skype video call to meet, nearly as good as in person.
You  pay strictly for the time, that was actually spent on working for  you.  You  do  not pay for holidays, sick leaves or any other absences.  If  a developer was online, working with you - then you pay for his time.


We create all software operating based on the Internet browser or a mobile device. All web solutions we deliver are RWD ready,  durable, user-friendly and scalable which will not expire immediately with technology development.

Intranet systems  - Contrary to companies offering implementation of ready solutions of CRM or ERP class, we focus on solutions being 100% adapted to the company’s characteristics. It is the system that must be adapted to you, and not the other way round.

B2B  web systems - We conduct an analysis of the client’s  needs in order to understand how business processes in his company work. Thus we can implement the software which will really improve communication with business partners and internal processes of the company.

B2C web systems start-ups, portals, web apps  - We are always willing to discuss with our client the idea of an e.g. start-up he has, to advise on the best solutions, to design and then realize, test and implement an application. In later stages we can also provide you with a long-term technical assistance guaranteeing the software maintenance and development.

Mobile apps - We can design modern & deliberate UX applications for Apple, Android and Windows platforms.

Mobile & desktop games - We can fulfil the idea of a new game by preparing it step by step, starting with an engaging game scenario,  then preparing UX graphic design and at the last stage implementing it for Apple, Android and Windows platforms.

Smaller projects - Internet websites - We deliver corporate websites and e-business cards. We focus on making your website pixel-perfect, user-friendly and technologically complete for other Internet websites.
Yes, on every web system or app we implement, our client gets one year free guarantee for all features covered by specification.
While delivering large-scale web systems or apps implemented for a specific application and niches we avoid using ‘out of the box solutions’ consisting of adapting pre-made tools to specific application. Or working in author’s technologies, un-known to other software houses, limiting future scalability of our client’s project.

Customized softwares which we deliver are adjusted to our client’s business processes and their market specifics, guaranteeing functional logic, commercial efficiency and safety.

Each project is run by our experienced team consisting of: Business Analyst, System Architect, Graphic & UI / UX Designers, Project Manager, Senior Technology Developer (of similar applications to control the technical team), Mid or Senior Developer implementing the system (depending on its complexity), QA specialists & application testers.

The whole process is carried out under the close supervision of the company owners.
In-house team - Open communication of our in-house team enables a flawless exchange of ideas & best-practices. All under close supervision which results in high accuracy of our processes.

Seeking the best solution - We perform a thorough analysis of your business processes we look for ways to improve your efficiency by using technology. It is more than simple software creation.

Business approach - Our ability of simultaneously understanding the client’s business needs/startups’ wishes and ‘translating them’ into technical solutions definitely differentiates us from other software houses.

Cost optimization - We make sure to meet the best quality to price ratio. We do not always try to be the cheapest, we focus on providing real added-value as well as durable and scalable solutions of high-integrity.

Quality Code - Our Senior developers ensure we deliver the highest quality of created software. They offer continuous support to junior & mid devs.

Proactivity - We constantly analyze your project and suggest solutions to improve the function or business efficiency of your project. We like observing the way our clients broaden their horizons by implementing our solutions.

In-house team - Open communication of our in-house team enables a flawless exchange of ideas & best-practices. All under close supervision which results in high accuracy of our processes.

Multilingual team - We are fluent in English, French, Arabic, Russian and Polish. You can freely communicate with our managers or hired developers.

Experience in wide range of projects - For over 15 years we have been implementing both local and global web systems and apps. We have worked for small companies, mid-size projects and large institutions.

Complex Project Team - each project is run by a team consisting of at least: PM, Architecture  Analyst, Senior Dev, Art Director, Developers & App Testers. All under close supervision of the company owners.
What is important in createIT we do not expect our client to tell us how to implement the project. We perform a thorough analysis of your business processes and suggest web solutions to improve efficiency. The client benefits from a real business/IT consultation, not a simple software creation.

We support every step of project implementation: the design of architecture & graphics, the technical implementation, the tests...

All web solutions we deliver are durable, user-friendly and scalable which will not expire immediately with technology development.

We also offer technical assistance and mintanance services if needed.

Last but not least, we count on long-term relations with our clients. We simply believe that a satisfied client will return and may even bring another client.
Standard project flow:

Our Project Managers:

  1. perform a thorough analysis of your business processes and needs and cooperate with the client in order to define all necessary features and goals of the app
  2. In consultation with the System Architect they prepare the technical mock-ups (‘sketch-ups’) of the most important screen, or if the system is of large-scale, they prepare a complete RSC specification document
  3. Once the specification and mock-ups get approved by the client, our Graphic Designers prepare the graphic designs.
  4. Once the graphic designs get approved by the client, the implementation phase starts. It is ususally divided in several stages so that, not only PM, but also the client can control the implementation progress.
  5. Afterwards, the internal QA phase comes in and automated testing.
  6. The clients is usually offered 2 iterations of the implemented system
  7. Iterations are impelmented & internal QA phase is repeated.
PHP (Symfony, WordPress), JavaScript (AngularJS, jQuery, React JS, Vue JS), HTML5, CSS3, OXID, Drupal, BootStrap, PhoneGap, iOS, Android, LESS.

However, we hold special feelings towards: Symfony, WordPress, AngularJS, and PhoneGap.
We have over 15 years experience in IT, creating cutting-edge complex B2B and B2C web systems and applications as well as delivering top-notch direct outsourcing. By now, we have implemented 300+ projects. Also 88% of our clients are the returning clients.


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