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    Videos Plugin for WooCommerce

    Videos Plugin for WooCommerce

    This plugin places videos in product galleries. You might be thinking ‘big deal’, well I always found it difficult to add videos to a product gallery in WooCommerce, the proper way. Usually, a number of problems arise when you start doing it – responsiveness, compatibility, video formats etc.

    So I was thinking there should be a nice plugin to take care of all those problems for you, and leave you only with a question – what video should I choose? Fortunately, there it is:  Videos Plugin for WooCommerce. Here are a couple of reasons why I think it can make a big difference on any ecommerce website:

    Unlimited video settings

    Video settings page

    Just look at the settings of videos that you add to the product galleries. There is not a thing that you wouldn’t be able to customize. Of course, you can go with the default settings, but who wouldn’t like to make his shop special?

    Popup buttons

    Website with buttons and photos

    Easy embedding & uploading

    Website with a video of a woman and clothes for sale below

    Embed only sound

    Website with a music file preview

    Product gallery view

    Check out all the other goodies we have for you at Code Canyon.

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