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    Repainting the biggest player

    Redesigned mobile site for Pro ESL Gaming with emphasis on easy tournament access and bite-sized game content.

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    ESL Optimizations ESL optimizations
    Project problem

    Project outline

    ESL needed a new and modern graphic design for their website. The goal of the updated design was to fully suit users’ habits and to answer their needs as best as possible. The client also requested an update to the platform’s UX.

    The business goals of the Client:

    • Optimize the “visit to tournament access” conversion
    • Create a UI that is intuitive and helps visitors finalize the user-path
    • Design the platform with modern graphics
    ESL goal on mobile ESL goal on mobile

    About the client

    Pro ESL Gaming is the leader on the esports market and has been shaping and innovating the space for over 20 years worldwide.

    About the project flow

    We began our cooperation with ESL by
    Discovery meetings

    Discovery meetings – where we established goals, capabilities, decided on a direction we want go in, discussed risks and the road map

    UX and low-fidelity mockup

    UX and low-fidelity mockups – to see whether we are on the same page we firstly delivered UX mockups and then low-fi mockups of the new website

    High-fidelity mockups

    High-fidelity mockups – after we had everything set and all the possibilities narrowed down to what works, we delivered high-fidelity mockups and exports in the needed format.

    ESL mockup


    We redesigned and performed UX & UI optimizations to the client’s website. Everything was completed efficiently thanks to the established scope of operations. Firstly, we delivered both lo- and hi-fi mockups. Then, based on the client’s feedback, we’ve provided finished mockups with UI optimization. By combining our knowledge of website design with business experience in gaming, we prepared a project that is adapted to the needs of the client and focuses on user preferences. 

    The main functionalities of the platform that are important from the Client’s perspective

    The main functionalities of the platform that are important from the Client’s perspective

    • UX & UI optimized website
    • Intuitive user-path
    • Modern graphic design
    Game functions
    ESL esport mobile app

    The challenges we have overcome

    ESL optimization challenge

    The biggest challenge we faced during project delivery was implementing all the website functionalities and solutions in the established budget, as well as the time estimated for the project.

    Sector: iGaming
    Services: Web & Mobile
    Solutions: Websites and Apps

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