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    UI optimized face of tourism website

    Lake house's digital face now captures the beauty of nature, thanks to optimizations and a new modern look.

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    tourism website design tourism website design
    Project problem

    What was the problem?

    The Client approached us with problems concerning their website visibility and an old-school look. Our job was to propose a new modern and UI optimized look for the website and implement it along with SEO optimalizations. What’s more the Client wanted to start a blog, so that was our task too.

    The business goals of the Client:

    • New graphic design
    • New architecture of the website
    • Blog for SEO actions
    • SEO optimized website
    • Improved visibility online
    Goal of project

    About client

    Za Piecem is an agritourism farm located in the heart of Warmia on the Guzowy Piec lake. They offer two year-round cottages, surrounded by beautiful nature and plenty of attractions.

    About the project flow

    The selection of the 4 main stages of preparation of the cooperation process
    Client’s website analysis

    Client’s website analysis

    Website mockup proposal

    Website mockup proposal

    Development and implementation

    Development and implementation

    SEO activities

    SEO activities


    Agreed on website changes, keeping vintage medallion shape and old-fashioned feel. Designed UI based on client’s chosen template. Developed WordPress site with SEO optimization, mobile responsiveness, blog section, and CMS for easy content management.

    Proposed SEO activities: identifying target group features, improving site speed, setting up Search Console, monitoring and analyzing keywords, optimizing content, adding listings and reviews on Google Maps and relevant portals, securing presence on industry blogs, and paid linking.

    Za piecem mockup


    The project entails creating a new website with a blog in Polish. In addition to website implementation, we have proposed one-time and ongoing SEO activities to the client. We conducted technical optimizations of the website and prepared a list of recommendations for the Client with the aim of facilitating the acquisition of positive opinions in Google. We introduced automatic updates to opinions on the site through integration with Google My Business and selected the main subjects as well as their SEO business assumptions for articles in a way that the texts provide value to the users while supporting SEO.

    The main functionalities of the platform that are important from the Client’s perspective.

    The main functionalities of the platform that are important from the Client’s perspective.

    • Easy access to crucial information
    • Easy to follow user path
    • Easily accessible website
    • Improved presentation of the offer
    • Improved SEO optimization

    The main functionalities of the platform that are important from the user’s perspective.

    • Improved website architecture
    • Ease of finding information
    The main functionalities of the platform that are important from the user’s perspective.
    tourism website project

    The challenges we have overcome

    Challenges to overcome

    We were able to acquire visibility for new phrases.
    The site improved its visibility by 10 positions for two key phrases when compared to the beginning of the cooperation.

    Sector: Tourism and Transport
    Solutions: Digital Marketing, Websites and Apps

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