How to add Youtube Embed Modal to Google Map

How to add Youtube Embed Modal to Google Map


Clicking ‘read more’ inside the infobox Google Map window should open a lightbox with a YouTube embedded video.
Configure Magnific Popup and add a custom javascript onclick event.

A short description or a photo can be very informative, but a video surely adds a dynamic touch to an otherwise static image of a Google Map. Here is how we do it.

Let’s say, there is a Google Map with markers. After clicking, an an infobox window appears and provides the details – a description and a ‘Read more’ button. We want to add a modal with a YouTube embedded video, but this is a tricky one. Infobox window is generated dynamically, thus, standard javascript initialization will not work.

We are using ‘WP Google Map Pro’ plugin – version 5.2.7, but this solution can be also applied for standalone Google Map javascript implementation.


Add proper infobox HTML markup

<div class="fc-item-box fc-item-no-padding">


  <div class="fc-itemcontent-padding">

    <div class="fc-item-padding-content_20">

      <div class="fc-item-meta fc-item-secondary-text-color fc-item-top-space fc-text-center">{post_categories}</div>

      <div class="fc-item-title fc-item-primary-text-color fc-text-center">{post_title}</div>

      <div class="fc-item-content fc-item-body-text-color fc-item-top-space">


        <a class="marker-link js-video" href="{%url%}" onclick="ctShowVideoInModal(this); return false;">{%label%}</a>





Now, add custom javascript to trigger the modal


function ctShowVideoInModal(obj){

  var link = obj.getAttribute("href");

  if(! obj.classList.contains("js-video")){

    window.location.href = link;

    return false;


    items: {

      src: link,


    disableOn: 0,

    type: 'iframe',

    mainClass: 'mfp-fade',

    removalDelay: 160,

    preloader: false,

    fixedContentPos: false


  return false;


Done! From now on, after clicking ‘Read more’ – the embedded modal will appear.



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