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Slider Pagination


A slider pagination using the jQuery UI slider.

It’s a simple navigation concept that preserves layout and style while allowing content to stay easily accessible. The idea is to use a simple navigation concept that preserves layout and style while allowing content to stay easily accessible.


A pagination is an essential part of any content-rich website, such as a magazine or a blog. The classic pagination will consist of linked numbers and some maybe some arrows, a presentation that has its limits. If you have a lot of pages to show, your pagination will either grow out of proportion breaking the design, or, if you don’t want to show all pages, you’ll need to add some kind of access point for the pages in between, requiring an additional user action.


Thinking about a way to navigate pages in a more compact and novel way, we tried our luck with the jQuery UI slider. The idea of using a slider for this came from this brilliant Number Slider pen by simurai. With a slider pagination we can reach any page quickly by just dragging the handle. Adding a set of arrows makes it easy to navigate to the previous or next page.

Here is the link to see the demo:

Here is the link to download files: Download

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