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    Write content that sells

    Write content that sells

    The fact you are reading this means that you are the author of more than one text, but you still do not believe that the time you spend on preparing your content is reflected in the business, the acquisition of clients, or in the increase in brand awareness.

    This article serves as a knowledge base that will help you “stay on the target”, and to be close to the problems of your Clients and your business needs.

    Let’s begin!

    We have prepared two checklists for you. The first one is the starter – from now on, this will be your new reference point you may return to whenever there is a need.

    The second one is the closing checklist, which will make your text not only rich in knowledge, but also easy to find on the internet.

    Can both sides win when the world
    of your business meets developer
    reality? Of course!

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      Create the title at the end

      If your texts are to be attractive and to have the power to convert, they always have to have value for the user. They must solve a specific problem or provide a clear path that will make the user’s life easier. These two elements should serve as the starting point for further work. Don’t waste time searching for the best title – believe me, it will find itself “as you go”. That’s why the title is at the bottom of our checklist.

      When determining the value you want to give your users and the problem you want to solve, you must acknowledge the fact that the text won’t serve everyone and won’t solve all the world’s problems. The more detailed you are in determining your starting points, the better for you and your audiences.

      A black and white form with checkboxes

      Boundary values

      Boundary values, so the date when you want to start working on the text and when you want it to be published. Most of us have learned to work on the basis of deadlines. Adding due dates means that an important, but not urgent, text will be more difficult to place at the bottom of the list of all tasks. Enter your ideas, add links that you consider valuable, create your own mood board that will serve as your inspiration.

      Multichannel work

      The text alone is not everything. During this stage, it is already worth considering the elements aside from the text that you would like to include in the content. If this means additional pdf files as in this case, or designs, graphs, etc., it is worth ordering their preparation earlier so that once you have finished the text, all the other elements are ready. Lack of coordination with these activities will needlessly delay the content publication process.

      Content recycling

      One of the most important elements of our starter is the place where you can enter the name of campaigns where you will use your text or its fragments. Thanks to that, you will see the importance of the material you are preparing, you will know how many times you can use it and how long it will work for you. This way, your “ordinary blog” becomes a success factor and is present in many conversion paths.

      A black and white form with spaces to write answers

      Let yourself be found

      A short chapter is definitely not enough to describe everything that should be done so that our text is visible in organic search results. Most definitely, we should start by researching keywords, their saturation in the content and the length of the texts. Marketing agencies and dedicated tools can help us with this task. Some of the useful solutions include Ahrefs, SEM Rush, or Surfer SEO.

      3 proven tips that will increase the number of clicks on your articles

      There are many more tips than just the 3 we list below, but these are our favorites

      1. The title is the first place where a keyword or key phrase should appear. A simple mechanism is at work here. If a user entered a phrase, this means he is looking for it specifically and his perception will focus on the keywords he uses himself.

      2. Create lists – for those users that are always in a rush, a fast message will be the most attractive one. It is a kind of “guarantee” of achieving success at a specific time.

      3. Information gap – do not “sell” your solution in the title. Make your audiences interested enough to explore the content you have prepared for them.

      Let’s see how you’re doing, time for the control checklist

      The first rule of content writing – for the content to work, people have to be able to find it. Make sure you work on SEO when adding the article to your website. Provide proper redirections, make sure the URLs are constructed correctly, and add internal links. You can work on all of these elements yourself in the CMS panel of your site, or you can ask an external company to do it for you. You can also use a plugin that will help you optimize your content. Both for the readers as well as SEO specialists, text formatting itself is important – the structure of the headings, bullet points, and a clear and easy to read text structure.

      Monitor and enjoy your success

      Pay attention to analytics that will provide you with data on the traffic acquired by your article. Enable viral marketing for your users so they can also quickly and easily share the article, comment on it, ask questions and generate a discussion.

      We often put so much focus on the text itself that we forget about its conversion in related campaigns. Have a look at our checklist and verify whether your text encouraged users to click it and if they actually did it. See whether you have given yourself the chance for viral marketing, if you paid attention to your community, and gave users the opportunity to comment and ask questions.


      See if you like working with these checklists. Share your opinion with us or even drop us a link to the articles you created with some small help from our templates.

      Get your free checklists now!

        Your free checklists is waiting for you.

        Check your e-mail.

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