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    What was the problem?

    The Client approached us with an idea for an engaging blog that would act as an extension of his main platform. He wanted the site to provide valuable content to users from different regions thanks to multiple language versions. The blog would also redirect users to other AluKönigStahl sites and social media pages.

    The business goals of the Client:

    • To provide a central hub of interesting information for potential AluKönigStahl customers
    • To provide valuable content for users from different regions in one place thanks to multiple language version
    • To redirect users to other AluKönigStahl sites with the hope of stimulating more interest that would lead to new business opportunities

    About client

    ALUKÖNIGSTAHL operates throughout the entire Europe, offering the highest quality maintenance and services connected to machines, software and the servicing of metal constructions.
    ALUKÖNIGSTAHL is the provider of complete system solutions for windows, doors, facades and skylights. The König Group currently employs about 1000 people and operates in 15 countries with 28 partnerships. It has been a partner of Schüco and Jansen systems’ manufacturers since the 1960s.



    The blog itself is more than just a wall of text. Upon visiting, the user is welcomed by a short, rolling video as a background for the search bar. The written content is separated by high-quality and well-optimized photographs, while many buttons redirect the user to other AluKönigStahl sites, including social media platforms. Users can also find all the necessary contact information and they can sign up for the newsletter. The blog features several language versions.

    The main functionalities of the platform that are important from the Client’s perspective.

    The main functionalities of the platform that are important from the Client’s perspective.

    • Providing interesting content to stimulate user traffic and encourage regular visits
    • Different language versions increase the platform’s reach to other regional markets
    • Many redirections funnel users to other AluKönigStahl sites
    • High performance on both desktop and mobile
    • An elegant platform for the modern age with more than just text

    The main functionalities of the platform that are important from the user’s perspective.

    • To engage with valuable content in their language of choice
    • To easily navigate through the website
    • To see clear paths to additional resources and contact info
    • High performance on both desktop and mobile devices
    The main functionalities of the platform that  are important from the user’s perspective.

    The challenges we have overcome

    There were several challenges for this project. The creation of a clear and user-friendly design for the blog site, combined with a multi-pager granting the ability to create 3 language versions: German, Hungarian and Romanian. The implementation of a newsletter functionality integrated with Microsoft Pardot (the German version, other versions use a plugin), as well as a form enabling the downloading of an ebook after registering through the said form. The option to filter the posts basing on their categories.

    Sector: B2B, Construction
    Services: Web & Mobile
    Solutions: Websites and Apps

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    Janas Hallenborg

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