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    OXID eShop developers and integrations specialists

    An easily scalable senior-level team working in OXID focusing on custom integrations, streamlining ecommerce experience and automations. From custom modules and plugins, redesign with UI/UX emphasise to migrations from other platforms.

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    Project outline

    cgrd GmbH is a Hamburg based agency specialized in digitizing trading and sales processes. To handle booming market demand for their services, their team has been augmented with createIT's highly trained engineers.

    The business goals of the Client:

    • To form a team that would be quick and easy to scale and that would work using OXID technology
    • To reduce administrative processes required for the recruitment of new employees
    • To have a dedicated, senior-level team of specialists, who could also bring new technologies and processes to the company

    About the client

    A significant enterprise partner of OXID, and a Hamburg software agency digitizing trading and sales processes. CGRD focuses on a holistic approach to “finding a solution” – software, integrations, the modification of the sales process, infrastructure hosting, and more.

    About the project flow

    The process of developer outsourcing consisted of 5 main stages:
    We scanned the needs of the Client and agency-type Clients. Through a detailed interview, we got to know the Client, his needs and the team that was currently at his disposal.
    We gathered the profiles of the candidates that fit the task, and presented each candidate to the Client with the goal of providing the perfect match. As we know every developer we’re working with, we knew exactly who would fit not only Client requirements, but also that developers needs would be covered too. This is one of the key ingredients to make partnership a long running one.
    We organized a face-to-face meeting between the developers and the Client. This stage gave the Client the opportunity to get to know the candidates better before making the final decision.
    The Client selected the best candidate. Basing on the presentation and the in-person interview, the Client chose the specialists that fit the team best in terms of competences, experience and personality.
    A trial period was prepared. During this time, the team worked normally, but the Client could terminate the cooperation at any point paying only for the hours of completed work. This approach cleared any potential doubts about the choice of candidates.

    Eventually, the Client’s team was augmented by adding the following specialists:

    createIT back-end developers directly outsourced
    createIT front-end developer directly outsourced
    In both cases, there was a potential for expanding the pool of outsourced specialists depending on evolving project needs.


    Supporting the development of cgrd GmbH custom eCommerce platforms for wholesale and foreign trade, based on the OXID framework. From year 2016 our developers participated in the creation of over 10 eCommerce solutions that were and still are constantly extended. characterized by:

    Designing and implementing whole business process – from warehouse management to post-sale support
    High traffic sites with massive orders peaks (cause for example by TV ads)
    Constant fine tunning of existing solutions

    The challenges we have overcome

    Development flow and onboarding

    initially whole development was done on site – together we had to focus on development flow and onboarding, which was automated and easy to implement anywhere in the world

    Oxid framework

    OXID framework has a quite learning curve, but knowing already other popular PHP frameworks helped to reduce training time. Also support of more experience developers on cgrd side was a life saver

    Communication and remote flow

    communication and remote flow – proper communication channels and calls had to be planned, making sure “remote” people were not excluded

    initially whole development was done on site – together we had to focus on development flow and onboarding, which was automated and easy to implement anywhere in the world

    Sector: B2B, Retail & eCommerce
    Services: Outsourcing
    Solutions: Websites and Apps

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