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    Modern van equipment supplier

    A stable platform for demanding automotive customers.

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    Design of WorkSystem van equipment platform Design of WorkSystem van equipment platform
    WorkSystem project outline

    Project outline

    The Client came to us only for support and maintenance of an existing system, as often downtimes and annoying bugs were interfering with the core business. Quickly, the cooperation turned into migration to Symfony 6 and then server management with SLA.

    The business goals of the Client:

    • Have a bug free and stable platform which is used by over 150 people constantly
    • Security patches and support in case there are any urgent issues
    • Expand the existing platform with new features
    • Being able to work and expand the platform indefinitely (hence migration to Symfony)
    Project goal optimization

    About the client

    Work System is passionate about car equipment, car interior and accessories for service cars. In addition, WorkSystem offers fast delivery, installation and generous warranties. As experts, they advise and design car interiors so that they work in any industry and prove themselves over many years.

    About the project flow

    Know How

    Extensive know-how of Client’s system

    Development stage

    Development stage & outsourcing

    UX & UI optimization

    UX & UI optimization

    Migration to Symfony

    Migration to Symfony

    Ongoing maintenance and SLA for infrastructure

    Ongoing maintenance and SLA for infrastructure


    The complex van equipment platform underwent extensive business and user analysis provided by our client to better understand it. Bug fixes and performance issues were addressed, leading to migration to AWS for scalability and improved performance. A senior backend developer initially assisted, followed by a focus on UX/UI with a dedicated frontend developer and experts.

    Outdated libraries and complex features necessitated the migration to the latest Symfony framework, ensuring uninterrupted service and the ability to develop features in both old and new platforms. The migration to Symfony is complete, and automation processes are being implemented.



    Our solution involved comprehensive analysis, bug fixing, performance optimization, migration to Symfony, and ongoing support and maintenance. By addressing the client’s challenges and goals, we have provided a stable, scalable, and feature-rich platform that empowers the business and ensures a seamless user experience for customers. Additionally, the client gained a technology partner who actively supports and develops the business.

    The main functionalities of the platform that are important from the Client’s perspective

    The main functionalities of the platform that are important from the Client’s perspective

    • Bug-free platform
    • Security patches and support
    • New features of the system
    • Scalable platform
    • Warehouse management
    • Production flow management

    The main functionalities of the platform that are important from the user’s perspective

    • Easy customer path
    • Intuitive UI
    • Ability to customize every aspect of the order with Work System professional advisors
    • Dynamic payment providers for multiple countries
    • Invoicing
    The main functionalities of the platform that are important from the user’s perspective
    WorkSystem website design

    The challenges we have overcome


    We were faced with the daunting task of taking over a highly complex platform that had been extended by multiple third parties, resulting in outdated and heavily modified libraries and frameworks. The lack of documentation or misleading information made understanding the platform a significant challenge. However, we persevered and managed to optimize the system’s code and server infrastructure without compromising the platform’s stability, even as the traffic continued to grow. Our commitment to a 24/7365 SLA ensured that everything ran smoothly as expected. Furthermore, we successfully executed a migration of the platform with zero downtime, allowing us to update either one or both system versions seamlessly.

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    Janas Hallenborg

    Janas Hallenborg

    COO / Worksystem
    "Their ability to positively translate technical aspects of the platform's function into our business is impressive."