Finding a good Software House is not easy. There are just too many companies of this kind in the market nowadays. One can get really lost in such a variety of suppliers, including big software houses, small development companies or even freelancers. How to make the best decision in choosing a Software House to complete our project? What supplier attributes should we look for. What variables should we take into account once making the decision? Opinions, price or something else?

Tell everyone what you want
Develop an Inquiry brief / outline scoping document to send to potential suppliers:
What will you use the software for (management, sales, marketing, B2C or B2B communication, intranet, etc.)? What functionality should your software offer and what is your budget? Set your requirements, expectations and budget. Determine the target group of the application. This will help you to understand where and how the potential software will be deployed. Answering these questions will facilitate you to prepare an inquiry brief for software development companies. Sending the same brief to all software houses will make their offers comparable in terms of technologies, pricing, approach etc.

It’s good to talk
While searching for a software house, you will probably start by using search engines such as Google. This is definitely the right way, an alternative could be talking to your friends, colleagues or business partners? They might recommend you their verified supplier. They may also warn you against some development houses or just tell what to pay attention to.

Don’t reinvent the Wheel
In any market place there are big players which have already gone through the process of choosing the right software house. Try to find out what kind of software and which development companies they use. Thanks to this approach, you stay assured the software house you choose knows your industry specifics and can developer the right application, web system or website for your market place.

Make sure they can do it
Once you have several software house offers on the table, it is a must to check their portfolio. It is not crucial whether a software house has accomplished equal projects in the past. What counts, is the size of the project it has implemented. If in its portfolio there are only small, simple projects, it is really not worth giving this cooperation a shot.
Long-term relationships are very important. Find out if the software house has any long-term testimonials with its clients and lasting relationships. In this market, the most important thing to look for is that the client is satisfied with the solution and long-term assistance is evidenced.

Avoid vendor’s owned platform
If you anticipate your project (start-up, business, else) will last for years, you should avoid software houses using their author’s frameworks. If you choose a system implemented based upon vendor’s owned framework, you will be tied to this software house and its platform. It is rare that another software company will be willing to work on others unpopular framework. Software companies offering their author’s solutions are aware of this problem and they use it as bargaining chip while setting their hourly rates for future customizations, further development or technical assistance.

Ask to meet the developers
There are plenty of suppliers with a front-desk full of salesmen but nearly no developers, neither technical knowledge base, behind. This kind of companies very often use subcontractors – freelancers, Eastern cheap labor, or inexperienced small software houses, for the project realization. Very often, they do not even know IT programmers they outsource, not mentioning being able to verify developers’ skills or code quality… They keep from 10 up to 30% of the project value, not bringing much value in. Ask to personally visit the software house and to have a chat with the developers.

Keep an open mind but beware
Low project estimation does not always have to be suspicious. 99% of web project costs is the workforce. Thus it is possible that one company can afford a lower bid than a second one because it employs cheaper developers, has small operating costs or is located in a cheaper country/city. However, if a quote is so low that it seems suspicious to you, try to double check above-mentioned features, like a project portfolio or testimonials.

Do they offer the detail
While verifying offers from Software Houses’s, pay attention to whether their offer includes preparing the technical specification for your project or not. It is important because later realization of the project is much easier, offering a scope and technical specification usually means the company has worked on more complex projects. This concerns all parties: the client as with the scope, he knows what is being paid for. The developers – they know step by step project implementation or for example the graphic agency (if included) to know when to deliver layouts. Moreover, make sure that the mock-ups and preliminary assumptions, as well as the design of the project, are prepared at the design stage. This way you will also know that the development company is approaching your project seriously.

Finding the best Software House is a complex, step by step process. However, it is worth following the above piece of advice because there is nothing more important than your sense of security while starting a new business or start-up project.

Remember that the best Software House is the one that fully meets your requirements. Online reviews and portfolios can greatly answer your questions. However, it is important to remember that what works for others does not necessarily work for yourself. This is why you need to know the project manager you talk to in a software house understands your needs, is able to offer the best solution for your idea and communicates it well to you.

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