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    Top 10 tips for increasing traffic in an online casino

    Top 10 tips for increasing traffic in an online casino


    The market for online casinos continues to grow, and the recent health crisis has pushed even more people to stay at home and more frequently engage in this type of entertainment. The competition in the sector remains strong, and projects that the industry will grow to nearly USD 100 billion by 2025, which is nearly twice as much as it was worth in 2020. To get a slice of the pie, online casinos have to do their best to boost the traffic on their platforms. Below we provide a few useful tips on how to achieve that. Thanks to these recommendations, we have made the dream of every online casino owner come true – we have elevated our client’s domain to the top position in Germany for the phrase “online casino”.

    1. Write a blog

    Creating substantive, written content is one of the best ways to establish a brand as an experienced professional in any industry, which will make people come back for more information. A blog for an online casino can feature the latest news and trends in the industry, important announcements for your platform – new games, special events, discounts, information on the highest earnings, etc. Maintaining a steady stream of blog content is one of the best ways of keeping a website alive, improving search engine results and increasing the numbers of people visiting the platform.

    2. Social media coverage

    Facebook, Instagram and other platforms of this kind have quickly evolved from a purely socializing experience to powerful marketing tools used by companies big and small. Since so many people use these channels on a daily basis, in many cases social media will be the easiest way to reach your audiences. It is important to establish a presence on multiple platforms, as some are more popular in specific countries than others. A good example is Twitter, which is far more popular in the US than in any other country. Your social media posts could feature important announcements, event information, links to your blog articles, images of the available games and more. Facebook allows you to create thematic groups for users to exchange opinions and experience, and to schedule events with the option to invite participants. In general, these platforms allow brands to reach out to their audiences in a more direct way. Most companies now use this opportunity to their advantage.

    3. YouTube channel

    Although videos might need more time to prepare, there are many people who prefer them over the written word, sometimes just playing them in the background why they do other things. A dedicated YouTube channel could feature trailers for games available at the casino, summaries of events and how-to/introductory videos for new users. Partnering with other channels to provide reviews of your games will also help… as long as the experience is positive for players.

    4. Event sponsorship

    It always helps when a prominent brand has your back. Search for companies that would sponsor your events in exchange for advertising opportunities.

    5. Cooperation with streamers

    As we continue to spend more time at home looking for entertainment outside large gatherings, streaming has entered its golden age. The most popular platform – Twitch – experienced an increase of monthly active users by 69% if we compare March 2020 to the same month in 2021. Suffice to say that even as early as in 2018, Twitch’s peak viewership exceeded the numbers of CNN and MSNBC, averaging at about 962,000 concurrent viewers, putting the two popular TV stations behind. Right now, the “Slots” category features 783,000 followers with dozens of channels whose streamers could become your advertising partners.

    6. Sponsored articles

    There are many dedicated websites with gambling news and articles, and writing a piece for an established platform can open the doors to new audiences.

    7. Affiliate program

    Think of a special affiliate program that would best suit your platform – how could both you and your affiliates profit while bringing more traffic to the casino? One way could be a subscription model in exchange for a share in profits. Your affiliates could spread the word regarding events through whatever channels they prefer, bringing in more traffic in exchange for a percentage of the income.

    8. Starting bonuses

    Everyone likes freebees and discounts, and a starting no deposit bonus is a good way of keeping players engaged and encouraging new users to test their luck. The information about no deposit should be advertised throughout your social media channels to reach as many potential players as possible.

    9. Email marketing

    Many people check their email multiple times a day, and they might just become your potential players. They should find important information regarding events, discounts and new games in their email clients. Consider some small bonus for those that subscribe to your mailing list, as well as birthday/holiday discounts, etc.

    10. Log-in bonus

    A daily 1st log-in bonus, such as a free spin, will help encourage users to visit your platform every day. If you use virtual currency in your casino, the distribution of a tiny amount every day after logging in will make more people come back.

    Bonus – Using SEO to your advantage

    Search Engine Optimization plays a huge role in increasing the traffic on any website and improving search engine results. The topic is so broad it deserves an article of its own, so make sure you follow our blog for SEO tips and guidelines. These digital marketing activities include keyword analysis, meta descriptions, whisper marketing, linking and more. Hiring a dedicated professional or agency will significantly boost your platform’s results. Also, be sure to read our article about analytics.


    With a little bit of extra work, your online casino could be listed high among the best. The benefits are well-worth the extra effort. If you are looking for a team of professionals to take your casino to new heights, check out what we have to offer on our dedicated casino service page here: and contact us using your preferred method at

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