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    Digital transformation?

    Yes! With a full set
    of marketing tools!

    Having a full set of marketing tools enables your brand to undergo a digital transformation. Together we will choose the ones your business needs.

    Website Optimization (UX, Web Design)

    Design + Thinking

    When designing websites, we think like your clients and our designers move exactly like them. We add even more depth to the process by considering the behavior of Google. All to ensure that your online presence will drive you not only traffic, but also real benefits.

    Analysis & Technical Support

    Power from numbers

    Marketing, especially the digital kind, can’t operate separately from sales. Actions and decisions made by marketing teams must be connected to data and analyzed correctly. Data drives actions, and marketing activities boost conversions, improving sales outcomes. Here’s what we offer to our clients:

    📐 Audit of measurement tool integration:
    GA4; GTM; Google Search Console; Google Ads

    📋 Analysis of the current situation on client website>s how data is measured and whether it’s interpreted correctly

    🔧Integration of analytical tools with code implementation
    Setting up and testing events and occurrences; conversion setup; target group funnels

    🔍Activity monitoring
    Aanalysis of the impact of all digital marketing activities on data

    📈 Data interpretation and reporting along with recommended actions and business insights in relation to the competition

    The technical side of digital marketing is crucial, ensuring that the right messages reach the right people. With our strong technical and development experience, you benefit from the full power of the best available tools. By setting up the right analytical tools, properly defining goals and marketing tags, and monitoring all significant events, you achieve true synergy from various channels.”

    SEO & Ads

    No traffic, no money

    Excellent website design alone won’t generate business if your site isn’t discoverable. Thanks to the integration of developer services with SEM (SEO, CPC, Social Media Ads, Display Ads), we unlock the full potential of your business site through our top-notch Search Engine Optimization Package!

    🔍 Audit & Research:
    Provide your eCommerce site with the attention it deserves! Our team conducts a comprehensive audit and research to identify opportunities, paving the way for a customized SEO strategy.

    🚀 On-page Optimization:
    Elevate your website’s visibility in search engine results with meticulous on-page optimization. We leave no stone unturned to ensure your site stands out.

    📊 Data-driven SEO:
    Not every visit to your website is crucial. By collaborating with Google Search Console, Ahrefs, GA4, Looker Studio, SimilarWeb, Active Campaign, and CRMs, our SEO efforts focus on business-valuable traffic that enhances website conversions.

    🌐 Structured Data:
    Enhance search engine understanding and showcase your content effectively with SEO Structured Data. We make your website easy to crawl, organize, and display.

    Page Speed:
    In the online world, every second counts. Our expert developers prioritize a fast-loading, friction-free website to enhance the customer journey and prevent potential sales loss.

    🌐 External Link Building:
    Impress Google and climb the rankings! We employ white-hat strategies for high-value backlinks, ensuring your site reaches new heights in no time.

    📊 Reporting & Monitoring:
    Sit back and relax as we handle the continuous monitoring required for successful SEO strategies. We’ve got it all covered, ensuring optimal performance without any extra effort on your part.

    All these SEM activities share a common goal – to reduce your advertising costs and increase the conversion rate.

    Of course, we also focus on winning a “second chance” for your brand. We create marketing campaigns that help achieve conversions even when potential clients have lost interest in your services.

    Content & Design

    Content is the King and Design is the Princess

    These two elements have the largest impact on the purchase decisions of your clients. Our web content will not only turn you into a reliable service provider, but also an expert worthy of Client trust.

    Creating texts for our Clients, we operate based on tools utilizing their synergy. We have developed an internal flow that leverages the data and functionalities of SerfSEO; Ahrefs; SimilarWeb; GA4; ChatGPT 4.0
    but it always relies on the knowledge and experience of our human content writers. Depending on the type of content you need we:

    ✏️design valuable content for your blog

    🏅 help you achieve references and opinions on external ranking sites

    🖍 create infographics

    🍿 create engaging social media posts

    💰describe your case studies to build the image of an expert

    Our team will also make sure that your materials are available in external sources so that the content itself does the job for you!

    Social Media Marketing

    Be in touch with your business friends

    If we ask social media users how much time they spend on it, most of them will probably answer “too much” – we see it as an advertising chance and an opportunity to be close to your clients. Thanks to an appropriate campaign, you will become their full-time friend.

    Email & Automation Marketing

    You have received a message

    How to change your client’s reaction to your newsletter from “oh no, more spam” to “let’s see what they’ve got for me”? By using algorithms and the logic of email marketing automation, we target the current needs of clients. We will be happy to tell you more about it.

    We create marketing automations within the marketing environments of our clients, and we also integrate and implement (including writing complete automation scenarios) tools such as Active Campaign; Mailchimp; SendGrid;; Sales Navigator; Dripify.

    🔥 In short, we warm up cold email campaigns, increasing their conversion rates (Our cold email campaigns have an open rate of 70%)