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    From Zero to Hero

    Brand Strategy for a gaming platform.

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    Maxi Players tournament website
    Maxi Players problem optimization

    Project outline

    The client came to us with a general idea for a new business branch of his business. He wanted to explore the possibilities, to put everything into a logical and coherent whole. The big challenge for the client was to encapsulate all his ideas into one concrete and feasible solution for the new target group.

    The business goals of the Client:

    • Building a visual identity for the brand (including its name)
    • Expanding the portfolio of clients by creating a new system and product
    • Creating a competitive platform for esports tournaments that will allow players from around the world to start their journey in gaming
    Maxi Players goal optimizations

    About the client

    Maxi Players is a state-of-the-art esports platform that empowers players to not only organize matches, but also set up complex events and build thriving communities

    About the project flow

    The selection of the 4 main stages of preparation of the cooperation process
    Flow of project

    Creating an international esports platform with a rich set of features for players to enjoy their favorite games and compete with others for real money.


    Examination of the client's ideas for technological feasibility.

    Pros & cons

    Building and describing the ideal user personas for the service.

    Cooperation model

    Creating an initial roadmap for the system, as well as marketing and branding roadmaps.


    The project was carried out in the waterfall model. The entire collaboration was divided into milestones, including the strategic thinking phase about the brand, research, and assessment of the business environment.

    A key aspect of the project was the synchronization of development and implementation activities with the marketing plan and global community event calendar.

    Maxi Players mockup


    Our team took on the challenge of crafting the platform’s engaging design from scratch and meticulously engineered a multi-layered architecture that is both user-friendly and facilitates seamless data analysis and administration. At the same time, we developed a marketing strategy for the brand, established social media communication channels and formed partnerships with streamers.

    Two-step verificatio

    With the added layer of two-step verification, Maxi Players ensures age verification compliance while the original system enables hassle-free event authorization.

    Cutting-edge gaming platform

    From designing the architecture to implementing over 17 integrations, Maxi Players is a testament to our team’s holistic approach to creating a cutting-edge gaming platform.

    System architecture and system performance:

    • Adyen
    • AWS
    • Killbill
    • LiveChat
    • Post Affiliate Pro
    • SendGrid
    System architecture and  system performance:
    Maxi Players system architecture
    The main functionalities of the platform that are important from the Client’s perspective

    The main functionalities of the platform that are important from the Client’s perspective

    • An integrated admin panel with a real-time results dashboard (presenting 9 statistics regarding payments and payouts to user accounts)
    • An age verification module and a system that minimizes fraud resulting from users employing bots
    • An integrated affiliate system and payment gateway. 
    • Synchronization with major gaming social media platforms.

    The main functionalities of the platform that are important from the user’s perspective

    • Built-in communication channels for the MXP community
    • Skill ranking
    • Tournament system
    • Verification of participants based on acquired skills
    • Win verification
    • Direct integration with other iGaming platforms
    • Affiliate system available to users.
    The main functionalities of the platform that  are important from the user’s perspective

    Systems integrated with the platform

    Maxi Players gaming platform

    The challenges we have overcome

    Maxi Players challenges to overcome

    The client came to us with phenomenal ideas that we needed to translate into technology and marketing solutions. Given the highly dynamic nature of the gaming sector and the constraints imposed by the platform’s specificities, we had to operate on multiple fronts, anticipating and creating unique, tailored solutions to meet the client’s needs.

    Sector: iGaming, Retail & eCommerce
    Solutions: Websites and Apps

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