Time to Switch To The Ultimate GDPR Compliance Toolkit for WordPress

Time to Switch To The Ultimate GDPR Compliance Toolkit for WordPress


Everyone that has a website is aware that they now need to be GDPR compliant. There are plenty of free plugins advertised as complete GDPR compliance solution which you can use to make the entire process easier. However you must be aware that some of them can do more harm that good. Users of free WP GDPR Compliance plugin could have seen it recently. The bad news is that  hackers have exploited a vulnerability in this plugin. They hack into websites, install backdoors and take them over. Not only can this compromise the security of your site, but the security of anyone that visits it.

Two Types Of Attacks

According to Wordfence reports, there are two types of attacks taking place. In the first type, the attackers are targeting a bug in the WP GDPR Compliance plugin that allows them to access an internal function and alter settings for the plugin as well as the entire WordPress CMS. The second type of attack is a far more silent technique that involves using the bug in the WP GDPR Compliance plug into add an entirely new built-in task to WP-Cron, WordPress’ scheduler.

Google conducts regular scans on their domains for all types of malware. If your WordPress site has been compromised by this WP GDPR Compliance plugin hacker attack, it can take a major hit in terms of rankings on the search engine.

The Solution…

Regardless of what GDPR plugin you decided to use, perform regular security scans of your website and make sure to always keep a backup copy in case you’ve been hacked. The risk of being a victim of hackers increases with every unnecessary plugin installed in your WordPress. Double-check if all installed plugins as well as WordPress core are up to date!

If you want to minimize the risk of being hacked –  try to use as few add-ons as possible, but trust the complex and premium solutions. One of the best choices is to switch to the Ultimate GDPR Compliance Toolkit for WordPress. Our unique plugin is an all-in-one, GDPR-compliant solution for your site regardless of the industry you are in or the size of your website. In addition to all the awesome features of this plugin, you get lifetime updates for free, which is amazing isn’t it?

Once you opt for our Ultimate GDPR Compliance Toolkit for WordPress you have peace of mind that your site is GDPR compliant at all times, without worries about hacker-attacks. Our plugin has gone through extensive testing, is quality-checked by Envato and is fully safe to use. We keep constant checks and roll out updates at regular intervals, which helps maintain the security and compliance factors of the plugin.

Customer Support

In case you face any hurdles or hit a wall while using any of our plugin functions, you can rely on our outstanding support systems to ensure you have the best support experience. You get 6-months support from CreateIT and lifetime access to plugin updates.

For any more information, feel free to check out the Ultimate GDPR Compliance Toolkit for WordPress  today.

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